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The Dynamic Duo - Meet Matthew & Cole



They've known each other for years both working in the Horry County, SC marine service industry.  They partnered on many  jobs during the course of their careers and naturally a friendship developed.  So when Matthew Goheen with Ship Shape Marine Restoration Inc. joined forces with Seaworthy Services' Cole Hickman, it was a seamless business nuptial. 


Yacht repair and marine detailing expert Matthew, teamed with boat engine service and repair pro Cole, equals a reliable, durable, super-clean, like-new, pre-owned boat for their customers. 

Boating is their superpower!  When you buy a vessel from Coastal Boat Pros LLC you can have confidence that each boat has undergone a strict intake process and any necessary repairs have been made.  With their combined expertise you may even optimize your purchase with add-ons such as marine electronics, detailing services, etc.


As your local, hometown, pre-owned, boat dealer, we run a tight ship.  Our promise to our customers is a varied inventory, bargains you can afford, and a seaworthy vessel.


To put it punfully, If you like breaking wind, need some reel therapy, or just love motor boating, reach out to us at Coastal Boat Pros LLC for your next boat purchase.

Seas the Day,

Matthew Goheen

Cole Hickman

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Matthew Goheen


Cole Hickman

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